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Right below you will find the answers to your questions about your garage doors and how to keep them in excellent condition

  • Can I remove rust?

    If you find a small rusty section on the door, you can try scrubbing it off and then apply a special varnish for future protection. When it comes to rusty garage door parts, there is no much you can do about them. Steel parts will erode at some point and will need replacement.

  • Are garage doors safe?

    While garage doors come with safety features, they may still be dangerous especially if mishandled or not operated properly. Moreover, you should not allow children to operate the garage door. Despite all the safety and emergency features, you should still be very careful with your garage door.

  • What is the fix for a bent garage door track?

    In some cases, it can be straightened with the use of appropriate tools. This can happen if the bending is minimal. If the bending angle is large or if there is damage, then replacement will be necessary. The replacement part should not cost much.

  • My garage door is hanging on one side - what do I do?

    This is most probably due to a loose or worn out cable, according to the experience of our professionals. Check all cables carefully to identify the problematic one and have it replaced as soon as possible. If the issue is not with a cable, it may be with the springs.

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