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Property owners rely on these garage door tips. We give out the best ones!

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  • Adding windows to a garage door

    Choose a window of the right size that will not expose your garage to outsiders. Consider buying one that matches the other windows of your home. Our technicians in Forest Park use waterproof caulk before installation. The top panel of the door is usually the one that is replaced with windows.

  • Painting metal garage doors

    Clean the door thoroughly before applying paint. Use a sandpaper to remove the old paint and let it stand for hours to dry. Using a roller and a brush, apply a primer coat for protection. Once dried, apply the acrylic paint that matches the color of your entire home. Check the edges and the bottom part to make sure it is applied evenly.

  • Clean your garage door opener remote inside and out

    You should wipe the casing and the buttons clean with a soft cloth dipped in a bit of alcohol. Clean the plastic cover of the infrared unit with a dry cloth. The battery contacts should be cleaned with apple cider vinegar for rust protection.

  • Troubleshoot the garage door remote in three steps

    Inspect the clicker for visual damage and open it to ensure that the electrical components have not burned out. If all is fine, you need to replace the batteries with new ones. Reprogram the remote. If the remote still does not work or is clearly damaged, replace it.

  • Fix stuck hinges and rollers with kerosene

    Our professionals suggest that you use a small amount of kerosene for these parts, in order to have them run smoothly again. Use an appropriate brush to apply it into cracks. Let kerosene do its job for about ten minutes and then clean the parts to apply lubricant.

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